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Grand Master E29 Bourges: Lotte Eijerkamp, Brummen.

Grand Master E29 Bourges: Lotte Eijerkamp, Brummen.

Once more, she struck……Lotte Eijerkamp is now, also from the One-day long-distance (Dagfond) Grand Master of Section 8 (Afdeling 8) winning 17 prizes of the 23 cock birds entered. They began with 4-8-9-11-25-34 in the southeast region against 1,559 birds. In the entire Section, Lotte started with the 6th NPO against 5,856 pigeons with a yearling Van Loon cock ‘Skyhawk,’ bred out of Ibrahim"Ibrahim" x Ice Bucket"Ice Bucket", daughter of the famous Ché"Ché". Ibrahim"Ibrahim" is a proven Van Loon breeder and father of a.o 7th Nat. Ace Pigeon One-day long-distance WHZB 2018. What is also striking is that, unfortunately, of the 23 cocks there are still three cocks missing, and that too is pigeon sport; even at the Lotte Eijerkamp loft, there are disappointments.
I As I have already written, ANOTHER triumph and we can also safely say that Lotte Eijerkamp is one of the best, if not the best fancier, of the Netherlands in the "Grand Master" competition. With the third 1st place in this 2020 season as well as with the National Grand Master Title Young Birds and Vitesse in 2019, this championship is etched forever in the history of this champion loft in Brummen.
Patriarch, Hans Eijerkamp is, of course, delighted with winning this title again, but says Hans ‘This is a great Championship in which everyone in the Netherlands can participate, and whether you are big or small fancier doesn’t matter because it’s about the average points per race.’
‘I often see small but also ‘unknown’ fanciers placed in the top 10, while there are plenty of ‘big’ fanciers who rarely if ever do so. So here in this competition, every fancier throughout the Netherlands can compete against each other. For this, I want to compliment ‘Het Spoor’ for coming up and carrying out such a beautiful and enjoyable competition,’ says the 86-year-old Hans Eijerkamp.
The men from Brummen have searched for good pigeons all their lives. Every year they seem to get better, and undoubtedly, the depth of the resulting quality has grown enormously. We can see the increase in class in the results of their new championship, where besides Lotte, of course, the influence of both Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp can be found frequently.
The team that just flew from Bourges is again being prepared for the coming national race from Issoudun, half the of the cocks will probably be sent to the midfond race from Nanteuil this weekend while the other half will get a short training toss this weekend.