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Euro Lady winning 13 pure first prizes

Euro Lady winning 13 pure first prizes

What a super hen ………. The GB16-A16521 "Euro Lady", granddaughter of the famous Euro"Euro" and Thorwald"Thorwald", winning 13x 1st prizes in her smashing career on behalf of the partnership Gerard Campbell and Eamon Curran who both lives in Armagh - Northern Ireland.
This super hen won at Club level;

  • 1st Club 494 pigeons
  • 1st Club 437 pigeons
  • 1st Club 437 pigeons
  • 1st Club 429 pigeons
  • 1st Club 395 pigeons
  • 1st Club 269 pigeons
  • 1st Club 249 pigeons
  • 1st Club 203 pigeons
  • 1st Club 196 pigeons
  • 1st Club 183 pigeons
  • 1st Club 145 pigeons
  • 2nd Club 184 pigeons
  • 2nd Club 333 pigeons
  • 2nd Club 323 pigeons
  • 4th Club 354 pigeons

"Euro Lady" won in big competition

  • 1st Section E – 17th Open against 10,828 pigeons
  • 3rd Section E – 14th Open against 11,411 pigeons
  • 4th Section E – 4th Open against 23,673 pigeons
  • 8th Section E – 114th Open against 20,013 pigeons
  • 8th Section E – 98th Open against 19,155 pigeons
  • 20th Section E – 79th Open against 7,978 pigeons
  • 6th Section E – 139th Open against 10,199 pigeons

Both parents came direct from the Eijerkamp lofts while the father is NL15-1364007NL15-1364007 "Euro Bond 007", a direct son of the legendary Euro"Euro" paired with "Celine", a daughter of another legend Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade". Mother to Euro Lady"Euro Lady" is NL15-1897678NL15-1897678 "Oribella", direct daughter of Thorwald"Thorwald" paired to Eureca"Eureca". Thorwald"Thorwald" is another breeding legend and direct son of the Olympiade"Olympiade 003". As you can see only the best genes to be found in Euro Lady"Euro Lady" who also already is a proven breedster, as she is mother to GB18-A-08333 winner of 3 pure first prizes including 2nd Nat Youngbird Section E in 2018.
Another daughter for Thorwald"Thorwald" NL16-1255314NL16-1255314 also is a proven breedster at Campbell and Curran is she is mother to 3 different 1st prizewinners. An incredible breeding loft with many great breeding pigeons bought direct at the Eijerkamp lofts or through the Eijerkamp website. Here some of their best breeders currently;