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Enrico Doldersum and son Excel with 100% Eijerkamp pigeons

Enrico Doldersum and son Excel with 100% Eijerkamp pigeons

This season, we experienced another fantastic season, and our pigeons proved they were capable of dominating for an entire season. But in addition to performing well, we also try to breed the best pigeons in the world who then go to fanciers all over the world.
But sometimes pigeons are sent to fanciers who we trust and get along with, to test our pigeons under other conditions. This was also done with several pigeons that went to Enrico Doldersum, who together with his son, formed a combination. Also, Wendy, his wife plays under her own name with pigeons clearly were are talking about enthusiastic pigeon fanciers. Enrico is often the man to beat, which he proved with the young pigeons, who had a fantastic season. Among them were many Eijerkamp pigeons of which the  NL19-1411065NL19-1411065,  had a positive year.
This young hen won:

  • 1. NPO Morlincourt (401km) against 3065 pigeons
  • 4. NPO Melun (504km) against 1493 pigeons
  • 6. Duffel (204km) against 2730 pigeons
  • 17. Beek en Donk (114km) against 3104 pigeons

The father of this super hen is a 100% G & S Verkerk and the mother is bred from the Super couple Olympic Hans"Olympic Hans" x Indy"Indy". This couple already has many super offspring, and at Enrico’s has proven that this is no coincidence.
The nestmate to this hen, the NL19-1411066NL19-1411066 proved to be just as good.

In Division 9 (provincial), Enrico was 1st champion short distance with the youngsters. He had to compete against more than 500 lofts and the almost 7,500 pigeons that were entered at the beginning of the season.
We congratulate Enrico on his fantastic season and wish them many more future successes in the pigeon sport.